goumay ghee dipak (36 peac – 3 PCS)

Invite positivity into your every moment with the radiant glow of Shri Kapilla Pure Cow Ghee Diya Battis. Illuminating your space before any activity is a timeless tradition, and our diya battis, especially crafted for special occasions, are designed to enhance the purity and spirituality of your home and mind.

How to Use:

Place Shri Kapilla Pure Cow Ghee Diya Batti in a suitable lamp holder. Light the batti and witness the divine glow that permeates your space, infusing it with purity, light, and positive energy.

Experience Tradition, Light, and Bliss:

Shri Kapilla Pure Cow Ghee Diya Battis go beyond mere illumination; they are a conduit for tradition, spirituality, and well-being. Illuminate your moments with the pure glow of cow ghee and embrace the serene ambiance that transcends time. Shri Kapilla – Pure Light, Pure Bliss.

Key Features:

Sattvic Illumination:

According to the Agni Purana, lighting a Cow Ghee Diya is believed to elevate the sattvic tattva, encompassing light, bliss, and goodness. Immerse yourself in the steady and blissful radiance that graces your surroundings.

Health, Wealth, Happiness:

Lighting Cow’s Ghee Diya is a sacred practice symbolizing holistic well-being. Shri Kapilla Pure Cow Ghee Diya is meticulously crafted for invoking health, wealth, and happiness into your life.

Traditional Elegance:

Embrace the tradition of using ghee diya, especially cow ghee lamps, which hold cultural significance during special occasions. Our diya battis honor this tradition, infusing your rituals with a touch of timeless elegance.

Convenient Rituals:

Shri Kapilla Pure Cow Ghee Diya Battis offer a convenient and thoughtful replacement for traditional ghee lamps. Experience the sacred ritual without the fuss, allowing you to focus on the spiritual essence.

Extended Serenity:

Each diya batti boasts an extended burning time of 20-30 minutes, providing a prolonged and serene ambiance. Let the gentle flicker of the diya batti create an atmosphere of tranquility in your sacred space.

Crafted for Purity:

Shri Kapilla takes pride in crafting each diya batti with precision and care, using pure cow ghee to preserve the sacred qualities. Our commitment to quality mirrors the authenticity of traditional practices.


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